healthetreatment shares the most effective and most popular treatments for eczema Users rate seeds of chili peppers the most effective treatment for eczema

Media Contact: Erin Mullaney

January 20 2010- Boston, Ma

healthetreatment wants to help eczema suffers take extra care this winter when the weather can be pretty harsh on the skin. Forced hot air, low humidity, and cold weather can all add up to dry, itchy, cracked skin. healthetreatment users from Australia, Mylasia, United Kingdom and United States have shared information on the site to help manage their eczema. From the common treatment Prednisone to the less traditional chili peppers, healthetreatment wants people afflicted with eczema to know all available options.

According to healthetreatment 74% of users who reported they have eczema listed Hydrocortisone as the most common treatment. Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid, a hormone taken orally, intravenously or applied topically to reduce inflammation. Although healthetreatment reports that hydrocortisone is the most common treatment it is ranked it as only mildly effective by users. The most effective treatment for eczema according to 4% of users is ingesting seeds of thin chili peppers. An anonymous user states 'It is crucial that the chilies are stored in the refrigerator for about 2 - 3 weeks prior to use. Only then will their seeds become active.' Additional treatments listed were topical cream Pimecrolimus, Prednisone, a corticosteroid and Tacrolimus a protopic ointment.

Most healthetreatment users reported being diagnosed before the age of 18. These users also listed heat, food allergies, and stress as the most common causes of eczema. The most common symptoms are itchy rash, dry, and scaly skin. The most severe symptom listed is blistering of the skin. To learn more about eczema from others living with the same condition, please visit,


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