About the Efficacy and Dependability

Lipitor is a renowned preparation with world fame. It was created by one of the most famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer. It derives from a specific group of drugs, which is called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. This group is more famous after the name “statins”. This is a very popular group of drugs with great resourcefulness and high efficacy. Therefore, Lipitor is Statin.

What does Lipitor do? Its main objective is to reduce the amounts of “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood plasma. Simultaneously, it increases the levels of “good” cholesterol. In such way, it lowers the risk of the development of stroke, heart attacks and other heart diseases and deviations. Besides, it shows high efficacy in people with diabetes of type II. In addition, it can be safely used in people of large age group. It can be administrated from the age of 10 years.

It can be found under another name, which belongs to its generic. The generic name for Lipitor is Atorvastatin. Accordingly, if you are looking for Lipitor generic, which cost cheaper, you can find it under this very name. For instance, people compare Zocor vs. Lipitor. Zocor is its famous generic. It possesses the same properties and it will bring the same outcomes of the treatment. Canada drugs offer different types of products, including Lipitor. You can compare prices with the prices in other Internet and common drugstores.

The Main Uses of Lipitor and Its Work

Many customers ask what is Lipitor used for. In most occasions, the physicians prescribe it to treat heart ailments and disorders. However, it can help in the cases of diabetes. It reduces the symptomology of the disease.

Some people put the question about Lipitor weight gain. There is a belief that it can induce obesity. This is not true and has no direction affection on the metabolic processes, which are responsible for the control of body mass.

How does Lipitor work? Its active components block the triggers that produce cholesterol. In such way, the risk factors that lead to heart problems and the development of diabetes get reduced.

What is the Efficacy of Lipitor against Diabetes?

Mind that Lipitor does not cause diabetes but helps to overcome some of its symptoms. Nevertheless, some recent researches how defined that appointment of Lipitor for diabetes may increase the dangers of the spreading of this ailment.

You should know that there is a definite reason for that. It is not obligatory that the administration of this preparation will lead to diabetes risks. They may take place only when our immunity functions inappropriately. Any deviation in its work may lead to the wrong usage of insulin. It may not recognize it and quickly eliminate from the system.

Therefore, before you use this preparation, you should be totally sure that your immune system is on order.

Precautions and Contraindications on the Usage of Lipitor

Before you start the therapy with this preparation, you should learn all possible warnings and contraries. Some health conditions, as well as other impediments, may make its usage dangerous for your health. These warnings are referred to both the brand and a generic for Lipitor. Be cautious and learn all of them.

The major contraindications are:

  • Periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are potential and very serious hazards for the fetus and nursing children.
  • Liver diseases.
  • Consumption of products that contain cholesterol.
  • Pain in muscles.
  • Unconventional weakness.
  • Kidney deviations.
  • A history of stroke.
  • Alcohol consumption of any amounts.
  • Unexpected seizures.
  • Utterly low blood pressure.
  • Any infections or illnesses of the severe
  • Overly high sensitiveness to the formulation of the preparation.

The individuals who have not turned the age of 10 cannot take it.

The experts recommend frequently checking blood.

You may require special diets and exercise programs to minimize risks and to have a control of your body weight.

Store it away from moisture at the room temperature. No direct sunlight should get on it.

Lipitor Administration

Prior to taking this medicine, you should be sure that you know everything about Lipitor dosage. You should take it in a strict accordance with the prescriptions of your supervisor. Never violate your prescribed regimes. Do not take more or lesser than it is appointed. Any change may induce a sufficient harm to your organism.

Take the pills orally with enough amounts of water. The meals and any fruit juices do not postpone the start of the action. You should not divide the pills in any way. If you crush, melt or break them, their efficacy will be lower.

The doses vary from the type of the disease and the age of the examinees. The doses may be changed depending on the efficacy of the treatment, the severity of the disease and the response of the system to its effects. Some examinees experience severe allergies.

The initial dosing for the prophylaxis of cardiovascular ailments varies from 10 mg to 80 mg per day. Under the condition, the efficacy is low but the remedy is well tolerated, your supervisor will increase it. 80 mg per day is the maximum dosage. The alterations of the doses may be made in the intervals of 2-4 weeks.

The primary prophylaxis was efficacious in examinees with normal or mild levels of cholesterol. It was helpful in the cases of diabetes of type II. It significantly lessened the risk of stroke.

The secondary prophylaxis (the maximal dosage of 80 mg a day) was efficacious in examinees with a coronary heart ailment.

The dosing for hyperlipidemia may be administrated in the doses of 10, 20 and 40 mg per day. The expert will appoint the lowest dose and will increase it until it reaches the maximum level of effectiveness. The dosing alterations also depend on the natural response of the body and severity of the disease. The alterations may be made only within 2 or even 4 weeks after initial dosing. The maintenance dosing is 80 mg a day. This is the highest possible dose.

The treatment of individuals aged 10-17 years depends on their weight. However, the initial dose is 10 mg per day and the maximal may be only 20 mg per day. The interval of dosing adjustment is 4 weeks or more.

In the case, you have overdosed you will suffer from acute adverse effects. Therefore, you should also follow the scheduled regimes. Even if you miss your common dose, you should never take a redoubled one the next time. An additional dose will not catch up with the missed one and will not increase the effectiveness. However, it may cause the state of overdosing.

If you have overdosed, you should turn for emergency assistance as soon as possible. Otherwise, the health combinations may grow in their severity and induce greater damage to your system.

How to Take Lipitor Properly?

You should know some helpful tips on how to take this medicine correctly. Thus, you will avoid any possible complications and will enjoy the maximal efficacy from the course of treatment.

Grapefruit and Lipitor cannot be matched. This juice blocks the special enzymes that are contained within Lipitor and destroys its agents. It can also postpone the start of action for an uncertain period of time. In addition, it may cause intoxication of the entire system. When the enzymes get blocked, some hazardous bodies get into the system and induce different health deviations. These may be muscle damage or problems with the functioning of the liver.

You should also avoid eating fatty foods because they also can postpone the start of the work of Lipitor. The consumption of cholesterol may lower the efficacy of the drug and induce some health problems.

You should also escape the administration of alcohol of any sort and in any amounts. It may severely damage the liver.

Adverse Reactions

Many customers ask what are the side effects of Lipitor. This is a reasonable question because it may be a reason for the occurrence of some harmful effects. It is necessary to learn the list of possible risks to know for sure whether you have them due to the effects of the remedy or due to some other reasons.

There can take place the same side effects of Lipitor:

  • Different kinds of allergenic reactions (such as hives, shortness of breath, swelling of some parts of the body and so on),
  • Unexplained and sudden pains in muscles,
  • Tenderness,
  • Fever,
  • Uncommon tiredness,
  • The dark colored urine,
  • Kidney complications,
  • Problems while urinating,
  • Liver dysfunctions,
  • A decrease in appetite,
  • Jaundice,
  • unexpected numbness or tiredness,
  • Unexpectedly serious headache,
  • Visionary deviations,
  • Problems with balance,
  • Pain in joints.

The list of side effects is not complete. There may take place some other less rare complications. Ask more an expert or read another guide, which possesses more data on this issue.

At the first signs of severe or lasting negative effects, immediately search medical attention. Do not hesitate and call for a help. Each minute is vital and can save your health.

The Interaction of Lipitor with other Medications

It is essential to know the safe and dangerous combinations of Lipitor with other drugs. It belongs to the family of the so-called statins. Many people compare Simvastatin vs. Lipitor and Crestor vs. Lipitor. All these drugs derive from one family and possess pretty similar effects. Many customers think that the administration of two similar products would improve the results of the treatment. Notwithstanding, such combination is forbidden. It will have a double affection on the system and may overload it. Thus, there will develop serious adverse reactions. In such case, you should pick up only one of the drugs.

 There is a number of medications, which may induce serious muscle complications. These are birth-control tablets, antibiotics of any kind, medications, which lower cholesterol levels, as well as treatments of heart ailments and those that treat HIV or AIDS.

This is not a complete list of all restrictions on drug combinations. These are only the most common drugs, which induce the most severe health complications. In order to get more information on this matter, find other sources or consult a specialist.

Lipitor vs. Crestor

One of the most popular comparisons is Lipitor vs. Crestor. Both drugs are similar. Nevertheless, they also have some differences, which may be important for you.

Crestor slows down the advancement of atherosclerosis. However, Lipitor does not possess such property. Lipitor does a great prophylaxis of heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments. In the meanwhile, Crestor does not prevent from such sort of problems.

You should also know that Crestor does not interact with grapefruit and can be freely taken with it. As you already know, such combo with Lipitor is not recommended.

Pravastatin vs. Lipitor

The online customers also wish to know the work of Pravastatin vs. Lipitor. Both medications derive from the same family of drugs. Their mechanism of action is similar and they relieve the same symptoms. The differences between these two are not significant. There may differ possible adverse reactions and some contraries on usage and dosing regimen. However, it is better to ask a specialist concerning all effects of both medications.

You should not combine them. Such combination will increase the possibility of adverse reactions, which may be very severe.