Living with disease is difficult enough. Learning about it (and how to manage it) should be easy.

That’s our core belief at Healthetreatment, and we intend to do nothing short of change the way people manage their chronic conditions and find their health solutions.

We are advocates, believers and with some luck, gamechangers.

We have learned from our own medical experiences and those of countless others that there are many different ways to solve problems and improve medical conditions. We believe that sharing insights and information from real patients, doctors and healthcare providers in a transparent way can lead to better health and better lives for so many. That’s what we intend to do.


Mike Bennett, Healthetreatment’s founder, was evaluated for transplants of his heart, his lungs, and his liver. Mike lived with a central catheter in his chest attached to a battery powered-IV 24/7/365 for 3 years. To add insult to injury, Mike was physically dependent on narcotics to manage the pain associated with one of his treatments for another 5 years.

And every day, Mike thought “there has got to be a better way.”

Frequently, there is. Medical breakthroughs happen every day. Improvements in the management and care of chronic conditions happen continually. Unfortunately, communication around these developments does not travel quickly through traditional channels. That’s at the heart of why was started.

Our mission is to create a user-generated database of conditions, symptoms, treatments and statistics to enable more proactive management of serious health conditions, and to improve the quality and speed of the patient-doctor dialog.

If you’re living with a treatable condition, pay it forward. Build your profile now and empower other people with what you’ve learned.

Our Team

Mike Bennett, Co-founder and CEO

Mike is an experienced online media executive and an empowered patient.

A seasoned general manager, sales manager and business development professional, Mike’s experience ranges from start-ups to billion-dollar corporations. Mike has spent time in the local (, travel ( and recruitment & education (,, industries. Mike first made the jump to the web as Director of Marketing at Converse footwear in the 1990’s, when he established the company’s first-ever web presence at

Gary Kirk, Co-founder and CTO

Gary is a serial entrepreneur and technology jack-of-all-trades.

Gary was a key member of the team that launched from startup, and was responsible for the design of Cheapflights global technology, overseeing IT operations and Client Support in the US. Prior to Cheapflights, Gary was a Senior Analyst/Software Engineer at LogicaCMG, mainly serving Ford Motor Company Europe restructuring Dealer Management Systems.

Diana Rodriguez, Site Editor

Diana is a writer and editor who specializes in health and wellness.

Diana worked for Marketing Resources Inc. as a project manager for promotional games and sweepstakes, and as a communications manager for Humana. In her current life as a freelancer, Diana has written extensively on health conditions and diseases, healthy living, and more.

Kristen Ciccolini, Health Blogger

Kristen is a journalist and online editorial professional based in Boston.

Kristen served as Healthetreatment’s first web editor, and has also worked with The Improper Bostonian, Brafton News and various online media companies. She also serves as a freelance writer and editor specializing in health, travel, culture, and arts and entertainment.

Brad Baker, Angel Investor, Advisor

Brad Baker is Chief Operating Officer of NRCCUA, where he oversees all aspects of the organization. Before joining NRCCUA, Mr. Baker was Executive Vice President at Monster Worldwide where he was responsible for product management, marketing and advertising, research, innovation and customer service. Prior to Monster, he co-founded Making It Count!, a premier educational training and advisory organization for students and parents, which was acquired by Monster in June 2001. The company delivers over 10,000 presentations a year to over 5,000 high schools and colleges talking to over 2.5 million students annually. Baker also held management positions with Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and SFI. Mr. Baker is a graduate of Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Economics.

Doug Gladstone, Angel Investor, Advisor

Doug is the founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Brand Content, an advertising and communications consultancy based in Boston and New York. Doug is an experienced advertising executive and agency leader who has worked extensively with consumer brands both online and offline. With a wide ranging client base including Keurig,, Diageo, Kent Nutrition Group, Boston Breakers, National Baseball Hall of Fame and many others, Doug brings an experience set and insight to Healthetreatment that continues to help fuel the company’s dynamic growth.

Pat O’Brien, Angel Investor, Advisor

Pat O’Brien is a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur. Pat has successfully served as a P&G; brand manager, a vice president for an International Paper Subsidiary, and a division president for Monster Worldwide. Pat successfully co-founded Making It Count, which has grown to be the world’s largest speaking organization, delivering live presentations to more than 27 million students across the nation.

Clients have included Apple, IBM, Microsoft, GM, P&G;, Bank of America, Sprint, Dell and many others. Pat also co-founded, which helps simplify the executor process for people in the role. gives users a 100+ step custom plan to help them perform their duties of an executor. Pat has consulted for a broad range of clients, including PwC and Monster Worldwide and various start-ups, and has taught pro-bono at Miami University for the past decade.