Crying spells are periods of strong emotion in which someone sheds tears. Crying spells are a common sign of depression, but may also signal an anxiety disorder or other mood disorder. Crying spells may occur as a result of feeling sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, or angry, and may be triggered by a particular event. Often, crying spells happen without a known trigger or cause ‘ particularly when caused by depression. Crying spells are a common symptom of postpartum depression in women. Crying spells caused by depression are usually accompanied by other depression symptoms such as changes in sleep patterns or weight, overwhelming sadness, difficulty concentrating, and losing interest in activities.

Crying Spells is most frequently associated with the following conditions by our members

  • 81.2%


  • 13.5%

    Anxiety (Generalized

  • 2.4%

    Post-Traumatic Stres

  • 1.8%

    Social Anxiety Disor

  • 0.6%

    West Syndrome

  • 0.6%

    Conduct Disorder